We have prepared complete documentation to make it easy for you to use our API. 👋

Before we begin, here is what you will need:

 ✔️ An RD Station Marketing account. If you don't have one yet, create one here.
 ✔️ An app with an API that you can access.
 ✔️ Some basic programming knowledge.

The API is the main tool that allows developers to access a number of RD Station Marketing features and integrate them with their own system. Please see the following important points below:

RESTful API - All of our APIs conform to the REST architectural style and are accessed via HTTP.
So, if you have already interacted with a RESTful API, you're going to be familiar with many of the concepts.

Base domain - All API requests to RD Station Marketing are made to the base domain

API Responses - All API responses are in JSON format, including errors.

Predictable URLs - APIs are designed to have predictable URLs to access the features and use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Access token - All API requests are authenticated using an access token sent in the request that can be obtained by following the steps described in the. Authentication flow.

If you have never heard of RESTful, we recommend this external guide for reference.

Do you need help? 💁‍♀️

We also have a very complete Help Center.

Still need help? Don't worry! We have an expert team to help you.