Email Marketing Statistics

Note: this feature is only available for Enterprise plan.

The purpose of this API is to provide the engagement and performance indicators of the Email Marketing campaigns sent in the consulted period, which will help you to analyze the efficiency of your campaigns.

Available methods

Returns data about email marketing campaigns sent in the range queried for a specific account
Query Params
Field Type Description
start_date Date (yyyy-mm-dd) The start date to be consulted.
end_date Date (yyyy-mm-dd) The end date to be consulted.
Response Body
Field Type Description
account_id Integer The unique id associated to each RD Station account.
query_date Date The timeframe used to fetch data.
send_at Date Email send date.
campaign_name String Email name .
contacts_count Integer Count of selected contacts.
email_dropped_count Integer Total emails dropped.
email_delivered_count Integer Total emails delivered.
email_bounced_unique_count Integer Total emails hard and soft bounce.
email_opened_unique_count Integer Total unique opens per lead.
email_clicked_unique_count Integer Total unique clicks per lead.
email_unsubscribed_count Integer Total unsubscribed.
email_spam_reported_count Integer Total spam reported.
email_delivered_rate Float Delivery rate.
email_opened_rate Float Float | rate compared to the number of emails delivered.
email_clicked_rate Float Click rate compared to the number of emails delivered.
email_spam_reported_rate Float Spam rate compared to the number of emails delivered.


Code: 200

  "account_id": 99_999,
  "query_date": {
      "start_date": "2021-01-01",
      "end_date": "2021-01-31"
  "emails": [
      "campaign_id": 6_061_981,
      "campaign_name": "Desconto",
      "send_at": "2021-01-06T20:56:27.481Z",
      "contacts_count": 333,
      "email_dropped_count": 3,
      "email_delivered_count": 326,
      "email_bounced_count": 4,
      "email_opened_count": 153,
      "email_clicked_count": 119,
      "email_unsubscribed_count": 2,
      "email_spam_reported_count": 0,
      "email_delivered_rate": 98.7,
      "email_opened_rate": 46.9,
      "email_clicked_rate": 36.5,
      "email_spam_reported_rate": 0