API request limit

To preserve the integrity and reliability of the platform, our APIs have the following rate limit:


Requests limit to update the contact
Maximum limit Period HTTP method Plano
24 requests 24 hours PATCH Light, Basic, Pro, Enterprise


Lead requests limit
Maximum limit Period HTTP method Plano
120 requests 24 hours POST Light, Basic, Pro, Enterprise

Requests limit per account
Maximum limit Period HTTP method Plano
120 requests 1 minute POST Light, Basic, Pro
500 requests 1 minute POST Enterprise

Too Many Requests

When designing your application, think about controlling the flow of API requests to ensure better productivity without exceeding the maximum number of requests allowed. Otherwise you will receive an error message 429 - Too Many Requests

  "error": "'lead_limiter' rate limit exceeded for 86400 second(s) period for key 'lead@example.org'",
  "max": 24,
  "usage": 25,
  "remaining_time": 43067
error Details about the cause that exceeded the allowed request limit
max Maximum number of requests allowed
usage Maximum number of requests reached
remaining_time Remaining period for sending requests (milliseconds)

Quick tips 👍

  • Assume that your application will compete for quotas, concurrency rates and resources with other applications. Set conservative usage limits.
  • Avoid making concurrent API calls if your use case does not benefit from doing so.
  • Use asynchronous requests for the APIs whenever possible to better handle limits and errors.